Takoyaki Party with English course classmates

Last weekend, I had the Takoyaki Party with my classmates with British Council. It was a lot more fun than expected. We were most excited when one classmate showcased how to turn Takoyaki. Afterwards, we all tried to turn it.


Besides me, there were seven people: Japanese, Portuguese, Singapore, Indonesian, Indian and Chinese . One friend let us hold the party in her condo.  The unit is in high floor and good view!


We brought our countries’ own cuisines. There were a lot of varieties. The Portuguese friend baked their well-known egg tarts. I must highlight how nice it was. This was first time for me to eat it. Some said her egg tarts were different from Hong Kong style and they preferred hers. I would prefer eating her egg tarts with tea rather than coffee.


I didn’t know people love Takoyaki so much. Now I am wondering whether I should go to TANGS and buy Bruno which is the electric Takoyaki pan maker.


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